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Yellowstone National Park

July 13, 2019

My daughter Sandra asked me to drive with her from Anchorage Alaska to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. I naturally said yes. I have made a similar trip with her and my grand kids once before. Then she hit me with even a bigger surprise. She asked if I could stay the summer with them, in Yellowstone National Park! Of course I said the only thing I could say, let me talk to your mom about it! Mom said yes, with some reservations.

David, my son-in-law, has a summer job in the park and Sandra wants to volunteer while she is there. It makes for good resume material. So they would need someone to stay with the kids.

I can hardly believe it, I get to live inside a national park for a few months! It was never a childhood dream to do that however, I did wonder what it would be like and thought it would be really cool! Now I will get to find out.

Follow along with me on my summer living in Yellowstone National Park!

  • I am a retired computer programmer. I like camping, hiking, and before my knees got bad backpacking.

FamilyYellowstone NP 2019

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