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2019-06-20 Storm Point

July 21, 2019

Today was the first I was not stiff and sore. Three days of recuperation helped. I do seem to get sore sooner now than before Elephant Back Mountain trail.

We picked an easy trail close to home. Storm Point is a 2.3 mile loop. Today was stormy, no rain but a lot of wind. Kind of fitting to hike Storm Point on a stormy day. It was a fun and interesting hike.

When we arrived at the trail head we saw a bison coming out of the trees. The trail exits out of the trees in the same spot. The bison had thankfully move away from the near area.

For the time being I am going to limit myself to trails that are no longer than 2.5 to 3 miles. I was starting to get fairly sore by the time we got back to the parking lot.


  • I am a retired computer programmer. I like camping, hiking, and before my knees got bad backpacking.

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