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2019-06-26 Waterfalls

July 21, 2019

We made it a day for waterfalls in the Tower – Roosevelt area. Our first stop was Tower Falls. The hike, if you can call it that, was a short distance to the view point. The trail continues down hill to the river. There is another view point almost at the river where the maintained portion of the trails ends. That is where I stopped and Sandra and the grand kids continued on down to the river. The climb back to the top was breath taking. Really at that elevation and the constant uphill trail back left me out of breath. I had to stop several times more to catch my breath than resting my legs (knees).

We stopped for lunch at the Tower – Roosevelt general store and ranger station area. There they have rustic cabins, horseback trail rides, horse drawn wagons, and the trail head for the Lost Creek Lake loop trail head. With a short side trail to the Lost Creek Falls.

The trail makes a loop past the Lost Creek Lake and continues uphill to the Petrified Tree where it continues across a sage brush covered plateau and the drops back down to the ranger station. We started the hike with the waterfall. I returned to the Jeep and drove to the Petrified Tree and waited for everyone. They got up close to a deer eating along side the trail and a small black bear across the meadow.

The girls were tired so they returned to the ranger station with me in the Jeep while Sandra and Nickoli finished the loop. We got to see a small herd of antelope. They made pretty good, it was mostly downhill from the Petrified Tree.

We hit yet another bear jam on our way home, There was a black bear right on the side of the road eating and acting as if everyone was not even there.

We see so many bison and elk they have lost there WOW factor.


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