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Off Road Trail Resources

  • JustRuns 4 Wheel Drive Club (San Diego, CA)
    • No Meetings, No Officers, No Dues, No Politics…JustRuns !!!
    • Arizona, California, Colorado, Utah, Baja California
  • Where2Wheel
    • Interactive Online Map
    • USA
    • Maps for 4×4, Offroad, and Overlanding
    • 4×4 trail maps for your next offroad or overland adventure. Plan overlanding expeditions and discover new dispersed camping spots with the best navigation app.
    • Everywhere
    • Set your own adventure threshold.
    • North America
  • All Trails
    • 100,000+ trails. 10 million explorers. Endless memories.
    • Everywhere, most are hiking trails
  • Fun Treks
    • Discover new trails with the help of people who’ve actually been there.
    • Arizona, California, Colorado, Utah
  • Jeep The USA
    • Best Jeep Trails in the Western U.S.
    • Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Wyoming
  • Trail Damage
    • We are more like a group of friends than we are like a 4×4 club, so you must know someone in the club to join.
    • Colorado, Utah
  • Pacific Northwest Four Wheel Drive Association
    • We are dedicated to preserving our environment for future generations and in that light, provide education and training in a variety of ways. Education is perhaps the only avenue that is sure to bring results.
    • Oregon, Washington, Idaho
  • Northeast Washington Trails
    • Take a long drive on a dirt road in Northeast Washington
    • Washington
  • I am a retired computer programmer. I like camping, hiking, and before my knees got bad backpacking.


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