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2019-07-13 Mystic Falls

July 23, 2019

We started out hiking the Biscuit Basin loop trail and ended up hiking up to Mystic Falls. Then upon our return from Mystic Falls we finished the Biscuit Basin loop. It was a good 2.5 mile hike. The scenery is incredible and the view of the falls is grand. For the young and nimble you can climb down to the base of the falls. There was quite a group of people down at the base, I stayed back at a view point where the trail became steep and rocky. I found a rock to sit on, I called the Devils Recliner. It is actually made up with several rocks piled closely together. The seat was relatively flat and back was almost comfortable to lean back on, it was like the old short bucket seats without headrests. I called the Devils Recliner because like many temptations in life it promised quick satisfaction but came with a heavy price. The seat was initially comfortable and provide relief from pain in my knees and back from standing while waiting for the David, Sandra, and the kids. However, after several minutes the seat became increasingly uncomfortable, with bulges in both rocks putting pressure on different areas of my body.

Mystic Falls Trailhead

Mystic Falls trail has a couple of options; out and back for an easy 2.5 mile hike, a loop that has a steep ascent and descent and is just a little longer than the out and back but is moderate to strenuous, and another loop that is strenuous that includes Fairy Creek and Little Firehole loop.

Mattie’s Gravesite

We ended our day at the Nez Perce Picnic Area for a picnic dinner and to visit Mattie Culver’s grave site. We read about in a book titled, Yellowstone Ghost Stories. She died March 2, 1889. She worked at the Firehole Hotel a few miles down the road.


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