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2019-07-20 Bozeman Day 1

July 23, 2019

Brian and Jessica flew into Bozeman airport last night! We arrived in Bozeman earlier that day. Since Brian and Jessica we’re not scheduled to arrive until 10:00 pm, it was decided we would stay the night in Bozeman. Brian rented a rustic one room cabin at an RV park. The RV park also had a hot springs there! 

The hot springs did not open until 9:30 pm. We had some time to kill before it opened, so we went to town for dinner. We ended up ordering pizza from a local restaurant. It turned out to be very good!

We returned back to the park in time to soak in the hot springs. We stayed there until it was time to go to the airport.


  • I am a retired computer programmer. I like camping, hiking, and before my knees got bad backpacking.

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